Organ Transplantation Program

Organ Transplantation

Organ Transplantation Program

Northwestern Medicine organ transplantation surgery is conducted at the Organ Transplant Center. The Organ Transplant Center is dedicated to comprehensive, compassionate care throughout the transplant process. The center has been a leader in transplant since 1964.

The Northwestern Medicine Organ Transplant Program consistently ranks among national leaders in transplants performed and patient outcomes year after year.

Physicians, surgeons, nurses, dietitians and other professional members of the transplantation team are dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients who undergo a transplant. Our services include:

We are a national leader in islet cell transplantation for patients suffering from severe type 1 diabetes. The center also takes a leadership position in innovative alternative treatment, laparoscopic kidney donation, prednisone-free transplantation and living-donor liver transplant surgery.