Meet the Downtown (AMC) Coronary Artery Disease Team

Northwestern Medicine Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute is a nationally recognized destination for those who require highly specialized cardiovascular care. Our cardiovascular professionals offer patients access to outstanding, comprehensive care as well as long-term management of heart and vascular conditions.

General Cardiology

Chief, Division of Cardiology

Clyde W. Yancy, MD

Primary Specialty: Heart Failure and Heart Transplantation

Clinical Chief, Division of Cardiology

Charles J. Davidson, MD

Primary Specialty: Interventional Cardiology

General Cardiology Team

Cardiac Surgery

Chief, Division of Cardiac Surgery

Patrick M. McCarthy, MD

Primary Specialty: Cardiac Surgery

Interventional Cardiology

Medical Director, Cardiac Cath Lab and Interventional Cardiology

Mark J. Ricciardi, MD

Primary Specialty: Interventional Cardiology